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1.Primary Care services (E&M and Surgical CPT codes) for Assigned Beneficiaries: 110% of the Medicare Payment Rate as a base rate.
2. Primary Care services for Non-Assigned Beneficiaries: 100% of the Medicare Payment Rate
3. Laboratory Services: 90% of the Medicare Payment Rate (Provider Physician will make every effort to use PLAN's preferred lab vendor(s).
4. All other services, including radiology and HCPCS, including reimbursement for Specialists: 100% of the Medicare Payment Rate.
5. Unlisted Procedures: Procedures not listed, or procedures with relatives not established and which are otherwise Covered Services, Provider will be compensated 70% of billed charges.

By receipt of this Fee Schedule/Rate Information, you acknowledge and agree that (1) the enclosed information is strictly confidential and proprietary; and (2) you will not distribute or disclose this information to any third party. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure or distribution is prohibited.

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