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13.3% tested positive for Covid-19

Update from the front lines:

10 positive Covid-19 out of 75 patients that we’ve tested in the past 4 days.

That’s in our neighborhood family practice. Not an ER, not a hospital.

That’s 13.3% of our tested patients.

5 were hospitalized.

That means 1/2 of our positive Covid-19 patients were very sick. But we only test high risk and sick people.

It takes 6 hours, with 1 physician and 2 MAs to test 20 people. Along with 100 gloves (we double-glove), 3 disposable gowns, caps, and 6 masks (you have to take it off to get a drink). And 9 pages of paperwork for each test.

We don’t get paid anything for the test itself. We get paid for an office visit, about $80. The same we’d get paid to see you for a cold. Except we wouldn’t die if we caught your cold.

A week ago when we started testing, I thought we’d find one positive.

After all, the health department reported only 7 confirmed tests in our city of 180,000. But there’s lots more.

Family doctors know things before the health department.

I felt the need to tell you this stuff.

There so much I don’t know so I feel compelled to tell you the little bit that I do. And I talk more when I’m scared.

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