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We’ve read how South Korea got ahead of Covid-19 by testing hundreds of thousands of people. How? How can I get the test that they used? What is that test? How does it compare in sensitivity and specificity to our tests? Why hasn’t the USA distributed those tests? Our clinic cares for almost 30,000 lives. But for now, we get 20 test kits a day. That’s not enough. And to the dozens of vendors and distributors who read this and are about to flood me with products that they sell.... please don’t. Nothing personal, but I don’t know you. I don’t know what’s legit. There is a massive scale fraud going on out there. I have no trust left. Surely you understand. This is not a game. I’m saving lives. And I don’t get a second chance to re-roll on a different test. People count on me to not let them die. I can’t ask my government. They’ve already delayed testing with the CDC test fiasco. I can’t ask my colleagues, they’re as confused as me. I can’t ask vendors because they’re trying to feed their families. Please, someone give us a chart of all the proper tests available, with comparisons, advantages, and weaknesses. I just need help to help. #covid19 #coronavirus #fightthevirus #physician #nurse #medicine #familymedicine

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