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A Family Physician’s Plan to Lower Healthcare Costs

A Family Physician’s Plan to Lower Healthcare Costs.

Seriously, it’s time to shake it up.


Insist that every insurance contract includes independent PCPs, paid at the same rate as all other PCPs.

No more aligning with a hospital just to get paid higher.

No more joining a power group to corner the market.

Carve out 5% of the insurance premium to pre-pay PCPs monthly, which eliminates the cost of billing insurance, co-pays, and PCP deductibles.

Only 5 cents of every patient’s healthcare dollar prepaid monthly to PCP’s allows them to stop unnecessary office visits and provide Telehealth and Texthealth.

PCPs achieve bonus by sharing with employers and payers in the money saved, based upon achieving measurable quality and patient satisfaction scores. We all want patients happy and healthy.

No more “better” fees for physician networks just because they’re friends with the broker or because they’re “clinically affiliated” with a hospital.

Break up these monopoly fee schedules.

PCPs can chose the most cost-effective care by evaluating all available options, instead of just referring to the silo hospital or power group.

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