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All health care prices must be transparent

All health care prices must be transparent. While the cost of health insurance has risen dramatically, independent physician’s reimbursements have not.

Insurance companies, merging hospitals, and PBMs have hidden in the shadows of secret fees, complex contracts, and back room deals. Meanwhile, the fear of absurdly high prices has kept many patients from seeking care earlier, or at all, and led to costlier end-stage treatments. Few people know the truth. The cost of care in the offices of primary care physicians is the greatest value in healthcare. We need to shine a light on this treasure! Independent physicians should receive the same base fee schedule as hospital contacting physicians. Any financial bonus should come only from a blend of achieving quality, savings, and patient satisfaction. Not from leveraging a monopoly. Primary Care Physicians must be rewarded for their endless work to coordinate care, not just for office visits. #drculpepper #healthcare #healthcarecosts #primarycarephysicians #healthinsurance #pbm #healthcarecrisis #physician

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