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Beware: Patients can be killed by over-documentation syndrome.

Here is one clear example of how Electronic Medical Records have created a nightmare.

Page after page of redundant, mostly meaningless information hiding the few important pearls that are needed.

The records that come into a physicians office after a typical hospital or ER visit are dangerous. No physician can read hundreds of pages that all look the same to find the critical data.

EMR reform is needed. Billing by the word and billing by the number of boxes checked is strangling us.

Fact: Hospitals and Physicians get paid more to create documents that literally pad their work. There are entire pre-printed worksheets that plug into a visit to increase cost to the patient.

The “Best Hospitals” typically have the worst, most unreadable and therefore most often ignored medical records. #healthcarecost #insurance #medicine #physicians #hospitals #electronicmedicalrecords #EMR #healthcarereform #truth

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