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Covid-19: Family Physician’s Update

Covid-19: Family Physician’s Update

Day 25 of testing, Frisco, Texas

Using CDC guidelines for testing.

180 patients tested

25 were positive

14 of the positive were hospitalized

4 of the positive required ICU stays

1 of the positive died

He’s the one I’ll remember.

A lot of the sick patients tested negative. False negatives, I think. We warned them all to stay home. Some listen. Most don’t.

We’d have done more, but the lab was out of swabs. And we followed the rules.

It’s hard to tell worried people “we won’t test you.” I shouldn’t have to do that.

Not many private PCPs in America have been testing since we started, or at all.

But we must stop soon.

We running out of gowns. 3 left.

We can re-use masks, but we can’t re-use disposable gowns.

Every single piece of PPE that we’ve used was donated to us by friends, and a few heroic strangers, in our community.

Not one piece came from any hospital, CDC, FEMA, health department, or even the labs that are billing for the tests we collect for them.

But then, they’re not gonna give us one of the billions of dollars of bail-out either.

Do you know how many ER visits we prevented?

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