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Dear CDC

Dear CDC, Please send my nurses, here on the front lines, some N95 masks. They’re doing good work in this war, but their paper masks are wearing thin. They don’t ask for much, and being in primary care, they don’t get much, but I promised them I’d try. You can’t tell by looking, but they’re getting tired. I know, but I’m not worried. These nurses got no quit in them. Sure, their hands are chapped, but that’s normal. It’s the coughing that kinda scares me. I know I’m just a family doctor, not nearly as important as those hospital doctors, but we can’t get enough face shields. The gowns are on backorder, too. Our patients tend to share generous amounts of mucus when we do that Covid-19 test, so any help you can offer is appreciated. One more thing while I’ve got you. I heard our government sent a whole lot of money to some billion dollar lab companies for the test kits. We know that’s very important and we appreciate it. It’s just that, when you send us family doctors those test kits, it’d be really helpful to have our nurses protected to use them. We can’t win this war without them. America’s Family Physicians #physician #primarycare #nurse #medicine #healthcare #familymedicine #doctors #nursing

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