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Fearless. Would you step into Hell with a raincoat? While many of you are at home watching Netflix and catching up on chores, there are nurses fighting against an invisible enemy. Fear of the unknown? Not our nurses. No one knows about Covid-19. The most brilliant scientists on Earth barely understand this disease. We’ve never seen it before. We know it kills. But we don’t know who it will kill. That uncertainty can make the bravest soul turn and run. Not our nurses. This virus has already taken many lives from healthcare. The front lines of our world’s defense are staying at their post. They can’t dodge bullets or scan for mines. There’s not even a treatment that the fallen can receive. But they battle on, determined to win this war. When the battle is won, no one will know their names. No parades or medals. No standing ovation or day of celebration. Our remaining nurses simply wash up and go back to work. #nurses #nurse #nurselife #nursesrock #familymedicine #physician #primarycare #medicine #primarycarephysicians #healthcare #doctor #doctors #aafp #ana #aama

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