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God and LinkedIn works in mysterious ways

God and LinkedIn works in mysterious ways. Our 24 medical assistants were out of masks. The shortage kinda snuck up on them, and then hit like a tsunami. The tattered cardboard box was sure to be enshrined in a medical museum as a symbolic reminder of every risk ever taken. It no longer mattered that we’d placed 3 orders, called our rep, and surfed much of Amazon. We were out and our patients were still coughing, mostly on our medical assistants. That’d be just another day here, but coronavirus messed up the party. Now here it gets interesting. I mentioned on LinkedIn that we were out of masks. Some angel that I’ve never met in my life saw the post, called in a favor, and drove an hour tonight to hand deliver a box of masks. That angel goes by the name of Kimberly Rogers, but I think we’ll call her guardian. I’m quite sure she saved a life. #nurses #nurse #medicalassistant #physician #familymedicine #primarycarephysicians #doctor #aafp #Covid19 #coronavirus

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