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Healthcare is all about Love

Healthcare is all about Love. Why did you become a physician? Why a nurse? A therapist? A scientist? And what does this love nonsense have to do with business? There would be no business of healthcare if there were no love. No person ever became a physician by taking shortcuts. It’s a long arduous path of sacrifice and dedication. And that’s just to get the degree. The job itself is even harder once it’s achieved. No one does this for the good income. Each must first be driven by love. No one just works as a physician. You must become a physician. Then it’s 24/7 for life. That’s love. The nurses I have known are no less committed than physicians. And few people are as driven as healthcare scientists. Our entire industry is fueled by passion. Love of science, love of ideas. Love of understanding things on a deeper level. And whether they admit it or not, there is a common love for people. All of the people that drive us crazy, test our patience, and hurt our feelings. Even ones we can’t wait to get away from, we come back the next day to serve you. Don’t let it go to your head. It’s just love. #physician #nurse #nurses #doctors #medicine #nursing #healthcare #healthcareheroes #leadership #Covid19 #coronavirus #love

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