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I know how to save lives

I know how to save lives.

Stop telling people to go to their neighborhood physician for Covid-19 testing. Inexperienced

testing of high risk patients in a busy office kills people.

This is no time for intellectual, ivory tower bullshit.

But sadly, “Go to your physician” is exactly what LabCorp, Quest, and our own CDC is telling people.

Of course testing is needed!

But there are better, safer ways to do it.

Set up drive-through testing and regional testing centers with controlled environments and properly shielded testers. Not-for-Profit Hospitals should work together funding and staffing neighborhood test centers.

As of 3/16, CDC has only tested 4,255 and U.S. Public Health only 20,907.

Now you want family doctors to do it?

After billions of dollars spent on labs for test kits, use some of the grants to make these tests available in a safer manner.

We’re family doctors, for God’s sake. We never had this N95 gear and now we can’t even get it. We’ve got paper masks. Hoarders have all the good stuff on backorder.

I’ve signed up to sacrifice my life, but please protect my brave nurse and dedicated staff. #physician #doctors #hospitals #covid19 #coronavirus #nurses #healthcare

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