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I need to confess.

I need to confess.

I’m only a family doctor. I’m not a superhero. I'm not invulnerable.

I’m tired. I have a headache. I'm just as scared of dying as you are. And I’ve been crying way too much.

All of this talk about our nation’s heroes has made me feel uncomfortable. I kinda feel like I did in medical school. Overwhelmed. Not by the academics, but by the expectations.

I was trained to never say I’m sick.

Never miss work. Never rest. Never show the slightest weakness or uncertainty. And I’ve done all of that very well.

But now I’m older and wiser. And I know the truth.

Our healthcare system is broken. I’m not broken. I’m a good doctor, even though I'm human.

If there’s anything that I’ve ever done heroically, it has been my ability to help people within this broken healthcare system.

I feel better now that I’ve confessed.

Shining the light of truth starts the healing.

Now it’s time to shine the light of truth on everything in healthcare.

All of you hiding in the dark, you know who you are. Insurance companies, PBMs, hospital executives, EMRs, administrators and bureaucrats.

It’s a new world. Every thing is changing.

It’s time to confess.

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