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It’s not a secret anymore.

It’s not a secret anymore.

It’s time to stop.

Why do physicians “want” to leave independent practice?

They don’t.

Joining an investor owned or hospital affiliated physician group comes with a massive rack of luggage.

It’s not freedom. It’s not security.

It’s just about everything that physicians were trying to avoid when they chose a life in medicine.

So why are independent physicians going the way of the Dodo?

Fee schedules.

You heard me, right? Higher fees.

Fee for service, old school, higher fees.

“Raise my prices higher and higher just because I can now that I’m in a group fees.”

Physicians have traded away the right to choose what’s best for our patients in exchange for the right to charge a higher fee.

An independent PCP should not be forced to join “hospital affiliated”, “physician led”, or “investor backed” group to get a decent fee schedule.

It’s a ruse.

It’s a trap to control a referral base, a tool to get pmpm income, a method to build an asset.

Employers want to lower costs?

Demand independent physicians get the same good fee schedules.

Quit giving power to the price raisers.

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