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My nurse doesn’t have a Haz Mat suit

My nurse doesn’t have a Haz Mat suit.

Neither does my receptionist. We can’t even get enough anti-viral face masks. I think some guy in Waco bought extra boxes of them to store in his cellar.

So when a patient calls my office with a cough and a fever, we no longer schedule an appointment. We offer some phone comfort, a little good advice, and a dose of please don’t go to the ER unless you get badly out of breath.

None of that pays anything, but it seems to help our worried patients more than a telehealth Z-pak.

We can’t offer Covid 19 testing. We can’t even protect ourselves well enough to swab your mucus. If we go down, whose going to take your worried phone calls and give you all this good advice?

We’ve got no pipeline to the CDC, or even to the Health Dept. They’re too backed up with specimens from the ER.

Oh, and speaking of the Health Dept, who there had the bright idea to post “If you have further questions, please call your primary care doctor.” Somebody please tell the government and the insurance companies that America’s family doctors are way too busy giving out free phone advice to our own patients to be doing their work too. #coronavirus #Covid19 #healthcare #healthinsurance #primarycare #familymedicine #physicians #nursing #healthcarecrisis #doctors

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