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Our Family Practice can’t get a PPP loan.

Our Family Practice can’t get a PPP loan.

Baylor Scott and White Hospital gets $100,000,000.00

I found out today that we won’t get our PPP loan. We were on time. Everything was completed properly. We sent it to our bank BB&T very early on 4/6/20.

“So sorry,” BB&T said, “too many other businesses sent in over the weekend.”

Wait a minute. Don’t you remember us? Family doctors... on the front lines...

you know... nurses... primary care... heroes?

No. How quick they forget.

Baylor Scott and White has $Billions of dollars.

They’re not closing.

But we must close without a loan.

After 33 years of serving, I’m broke.

Now, when you need me the most?

Was it because we kept hundreds of people from crowding their ER? We were only trying to help.

Was it our Covid testing? I know, we did risk our lives.

Was it because we’re only family doctors? We charged so much less, was that wrong?

I promise, we really are essential workers. Couldn’t we have been moved up in the line a little?

We need a loan, please.

We need to pay our nurses.

We still have so many patients to call.

They need us.

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