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Pause to give thanks

Pause to give thanks. We have a tool more powerful than any human has ever held. During this crisis we are getting a just glimpse of this power. With LinkedIn, leaders around the world can instantly share knowledge, opinions, experience, and data. Because we have connected leaders from all facets of life, from all over the world, we can address the spectrum of human experience. And respond, with instant feedback, corrections, and actions. We are blessed without measure. The civility, courtesy, energy, and largely non-political responses, outside of the demands of media, allow debate and different opinions in a manner unmatched by any social forum. And we should expect no less from our leaders. With this power connecting the wisest, boldest, bravest, and most engaged leaders, we can overcome any struggle. #covid19 #coronavirus #healthcare #nurses #doctors #medicine #insurance #familymedicine #physician #primarycare #healthinsurance #leadership #linkedin #truth #debate #hope

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