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Read the fine print

As of 3-17-20, the United States has performed only around 42,000 Covid-19 tests. That’s a very low number. We need more. Below is a chart comparing test numbers around the world.

Testing is very important. It is the foundation of science and the basis of healthcare decisions. Some people aren’t so good at science and far too many just read the headlines.

So as a family doctor, I’ve been trying to simplify information. Some med facilities are using news media as marketing tools by announcing they’ve set up testing centers. They won’t tell you their location for good reason. Because most of you still can’t be tested there. Mildly sick, low risk are still not eligible for the tests. And the severely sick go to ERs, not test centers. The test centers are largely for the purpose of screening the facilities own doctors, nurses, and staff. It is critical that healthcare providers know if they are positive, so we don’t accidentally infect our patients. But the media reports can paint a picture of false hope in these marketing minutes. It can leave the worried well and mildly sick feeling turned away. Left out and angry for being denied testing. Know the facts and read find print.


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