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Redefining during a crisis

Our American healthcare system is redefining itself during this crisis. And so are America’s leaders: our scientists, our physicians, and our nurses. We have tried the era of administrative empowerment, mega-healthcare corporations, and the rationing of care to enhance stockholder profits. We let the pharmacies merge into bean counters and money pits. We have dis-empowered our neighborhood physicians, replaced our family doctors with computer screens, and lost our most important advocates. We have watched as the growth of healthcare administrators exceeded the the growth of physicians by 20 fold. But now America needs its physicians to reclaim the wheel. We need to restore the humanism, the shamanism, and the ministry of this noble profession. Once this crisis passes, it will not be because of more managers. America’s success will come from the minds of our scientists, from the hands of our physicians, and from the hearts of our nurses. That is who leads now and that is who should be leading our future.

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