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Stay home!

Stay home!

Do not go get a Covid-19 test when you are mildly ill.

Curiosity is not a treatable symptom.

Call your doctor. But don’t go to your doctor’s office. Stay in contact by phone with your nurse, family, and friends. You’ll get better in a few days. Every time a mildly ill Covid-19 patient enters a doctor’s office, it increases the danger that a person with greater risk will catch it from them and die.

Your doctor and nurse are in danger, and things do not go well without them. You don’t want to kill people just because you were curious.

There is no medicine or treatment for Coronavirus when you are among the over 95% of mildly ill patients.

And the only treatments for the severely ill are oxygen and fluids. They need the ER. Save it for them.

The Covid-19 test is not even very accurate!

A falsely negative test might cause you to unknowingly keep sharing the disease.

Please stay home.

A few days rest will do you some good. And it’ll help the rest of us too. #physician #medicine #healthcarecosts #physicians #primarycarephysicians #doctor #healthinsurance #hospitals #pharmacy

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