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The real “Front Line”.

The real “Front Line”.

Now that Doctors Day is over, it’s time to remember there’s no “I” in doctor or nurse. But there’s a bunch of “I” in “I can’t do this without a receptionist!”.

Healthcare Heroes exist. I’ve met them. I can name a few that opened my eyes. My pediatrician Dr. Robert Moore, who founded Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Red Duke, who tried to talk me into being a surgeon. Dr. C. Everett Koop, who told me to study science but follow my gut.

Heroes have a common trait, they tend to be humble. I’ve met a lot of heroes that were in nursing. Quiet nurses that went behind me and corrected my mistakes.

When I was at M.D. Anderson, I met people who found cures for cancer, but didn’t patent them. Selfless heroes who found ways to save a life every day.

Then there’s the heroes who answer the phone. The front desk. The first ones our patients sneeze on, yell at, and blame because I’m late.

Our receptionists risk their lives every time an infectious disease walks in the door. They help you squeeze into a booked schedule. They ask you how you’re doing.

One thing all the healthcare heroes have in common. They need a front desk.

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