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There is a family physician shortage

There is a family physician shortage. And it’s getting worse in both Canada and America. For 20 years, more than half of America’s family medicine residency training positions have been declined by American Medical students. Empty. Not taken. Those empty slots have been thankfully filled by foreign medical graduates, welcoming an opportunity to be in America. And our nation needs to be appreciative of those physicians who came here. Otherwise the shortage would be worse. Family Medicine is a rewarding career. It is the highest calling in medicine. But it’s a bad business. The administrative burnout, increasing overhead, insurance heartache, salary struggles, and disempowerment have taken much of the spirit out of family doctors. So if you have a family doctor, please tell him or her “thank you”. If you don’t have a family doctor, find one fast. Family physicians are national treasures on the way to extinction. The best value in healthcare. If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until the family doctors are gone. #healthcare #primarycare #insurance #healthcarecosts #medicine #familyphysicians #TAFP #AAFP # #healthinsurance

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