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We don’t quit.

We don’t quit.

We are Americans. We are Texans. And by God, we are Family Physicians.

We will not stop.

You bring in some bad ass virus. We’ll find it.

You take away our masks, we’ll use t-shirts. You take away our gowns, so what, we got raincoats.

There’s people counting on us.

You underpay us, overwork us, and make us use these damn computers.

Fine, what else you got?

You try to squash our spirit with prior authorizations, referral numbers, and formularies. We went to school our whole life, so you think we’d let homework stop us?

Do you have any idea who you’re dealing with?

You take away our income and then you give our loans to Wall Street? Do you seriously think that surprised us?

Now get out of our way!

We’re family doctors and we’ve got work to do. There’s a whole bunch of people out there that need us.

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