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Where is our Surgeon General

Something is missing in the Coronavirus story.

Where is our Surgeon General? The Surgeon General is designated as the nation’s leading spokesperson on matters of public health.

Not the President or the Vice President. Not Pelosi, Nader, or Mitchell. Not even the CDC. We need a physician to lead us, unrestrained by party politics. We need a reminder that death and disease will ultimately unite us all. No one can impeach an illness or vote for a cure. The last thing we need is more politics in a healthcare crisis. We’ve already suffered enough through the rise and fall of Obamacare. We are already paying enough for the bad legislation that enriched PBMs and insurance companies. Who is our Surgeon General? Exactly. Few people know. But we need to know. Dr. Jerome Adams is a gifted anesthesiologist. A political independent, serving since 2017. Please, Dr. Adams, take a lesson from the great C. Everett Koop, MD and push the politicians out of the way. We need a physician leader to stop the noise and hold the trust of America. Show our nation what great physicians do. Physicians fight ignorance and then we fight disease, in that order. America needs our spokesperson. #healthcare #physician #coronavirus #healthcarecosts #medicine #healthinsurance

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