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Who protects our protectors?

Who protects our protectors? In this war on Covid-19, the front line is not the hospital. It’s not even the E.R. The first to encounter this disease are America’s primary care physicians. This is a sneaky little virus. It hides in the healthy, tricking people into thinking they’re ok. At first, you may only feel fatigued. And seriously, who doesn’t feel tired? Then a headache or a mild cough. So you go see your doctor. Tag, your it. Thankfully, most people will just have a miserable week. But this sneaky virus has other plans for some. It kills them. A disproportionate number of deaths worldwide have been doctors and nurses. Typically, it’s the first responders and the front lines. You know, those family doctors and their dedicated staff. Yet when this virus hit and spread, no one in America sought to protect the first line of defense, PCPs. No one was prepared. Even now, few are thinking about PCPs. No hospital has called us or brought supplies. No health department has visited. There were no manuals to read. We learned on our own. To protect you, we’ve had to learn how to protect ourselves. PS: The photo is the health dept. PCPs only wish for that protection. #doctor #nurses #familymedicine #primarycarephysicians #physician #covid19 #coronavirus #medicine

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