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Does anyone really want to lower healthcare costs?

Does anyone really want to lower healthcare costs?

I hear the chatter, the lip service, the “Oh Yeahs” and “Amens”. But if we give you a solution, will you take it?

Employers know, payers know, the whole darn country knows, that independent PCPs save money.

Why then, are you making us suffer?

Why won’t you protect our independence?

Can you help a family doctor out?

Remember when you couldn’t sleep because of your cough? I kept you out of the ER.

And when you didn’t understand a word that your cardiologist told you, I eased your mind. I was here for you.

But to stay here, something has to change.

Multiple studies show that costs go up when independent physicians go away.

Key word: Independent.

If I’m forced to join a hospital group to be paid a fair fee, I can’t save you any money.

Right now I’m being forced to give up the independence that could save you.

Consolidation = More Cost

Speaking of money, why’d you give billions to those hospitals again?

You need them, but did they save you money?

Well, you need me, too, and I’ll keep you out of a hospital. Now that’s a bargain.

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