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Fair or not fair? You decide.

Fair or not fair? You decide.

This 1 insurance company CEO’s income could have paid the salary of over 250 family physicians for an entire year.

If each of those 250 family physicians had a practice of about 2000 patients, then...

UnitedHealth CEO’s 2019 income could have provided primary care access for over 500,000 people for a year.

Half a million people get healthcare access?

Now stay with me, I know it’s a lot of math.

UHC pays average $82 for a routine PCP office visit.

$82 x 630,000 office visits = $51.7 million dollars.

Wait it minute, that’s what the CEO made in 1 year?

If 1 healthcare executive income could have paid for 630,000 office visits, does it seem right that so many people can’t afford an office visit?

1 year’s income = 630,000 people get a doctor visit?

Yes. 1 year of 1 healthcare CEO’s revenue could have paid for 1,760,000 Telehealth visits.

Shut up!

Just a few more numbers.

7 health insurance company CEOs made a combined revenue last year of over $151 million dollars.

7 people = 1.7 million office visits.

That’s an entire city, for 7 people?

Why is America’s healthcare so expensive?

Ask CEOs.

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